Tybee Island - [Tybee Lighthouse]

Tybee Lighthouse

Originally built in 1733, the Tybee Lighthouse was the tallest lighthouse in America at the time. In 1741 while a new lighthouse was being built the old one was destroyed in a severe storm. In 1742 the new lighthouse was completed, standing 124 high, 94 feet of lighthouse with a 30 flagpole atop it. In 1768 a new lighthouse began construction as the older house was too close to encroaching waters. Completed in 1773 the light was 100 feet high, built out of brick and wood, it was partially destroyed by Confederate troops in 1862.

The new, and current lighthouse would stand 150 feet tall, made of brick masonry and containing a Fresnel lens(first displayed in 1867) it was part of the First Order of lighthouses. In 1933 the light was converted to electricity, this ended the need for a light keeper. The last lightkeeper, George Jackson, died 1948. The U.S. Coast Guard maintained the lighthouse until recently when the light was no longer needed for maritime shipping.

The Tybee Lighthouse is available to visitors, where you can climb to the top of the lighthouse, learn more about it's history and purchase souvenirs. The Tybee Lighthouse is currently maintained by the Tybee Island Historical Society.

Hours: Daily, except Tuesdays and Holidays (Hours are subject to change)


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