Tybee Island - [Parking On The Island]

Parking while visiting the Island

Tybee Island has several parking choices, please read the choices below to choose the one that best suits your needs while visiting the island.

North Beach Parking Area

The North Beach Parking Area is located by the Lighthouse and Museum. Directly in front of the Lighthouse and Museum is metered parking. Behind the Museum you will find a paved parking area where you pay by the day to park.

Beachside Parking Area

Beachside Parking Area(s) are available on all regular side streets to the left after you pass the 2nd street light(Jones Avenue) on the island, these are all metered parking spaces on the side of the streets. There is also street side parking on some streets to the right, but not many. You can also find street side parking on Butler Avenue(what highway 80 turns into after the large curve to the right) which are metered parking spaces as well.

South End STRAND Parking Area

The STRAND Parking Area begins adjacent to the beach beginning at the light at 14th Street all the way down to 19th Street. This is a gated pay all day parking area much like the one on the north end of the island, except much larger, and much busier during the Summer months. Turn left at the light at 14th Street and go straight down to the beach, which is were the easiest accesible entrance is to the parking area, you will be within walking distance of the Pier & Pavilion area, the public restrooms & showers, the Marine Museum, Chu's Department Store and many gift and food establishments located on Tybrisa(16th Street). You can also enter the parking area by turning left down Tybrisa Street and following it straight down to the beach and parking area entrance, though it will be MUCH busier going this way in the Summer Months.

Parking Passes, and Resident Parking Decals can be obtained from the main parking services office located at the Tybrisa Street & Strand Parking Lot Entrance.

The Metered parking areas vary in pricing and seem to change constantly. Be prepared to make jaunts back to the car in the metered parking areas to plunk in some quarters(and remember to BYOQS bring your own quarters with you, it can be tough to get large quantities once you're on the island, especially during the Summer months, stores don't like to just give them out to everyone that asks and you may be stuck with 2 quarters and have to take the brunt of a parking ticket if you don't come prepared, or don't feel like going around buying items to get quarters. :) )


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