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Tybee.Com Logo Tybee Beach

Picture Fishing & Crabbing!

The island has surf fishing, pier fishing, rock fishing, and open water fishing if you are out in a boat.

Locations -

The entire length of the beach offers surf fishing, if you are feeling brave there is fishing off the rock jetties, and good crabbing from them as well.

The North End of the beach offers surf fishing and on the rocks crabbing.

The South End of the beach offers surf fishing and on the rocks crabbing, and fishing and crabbing off the Tybrisa Pier & Pavilion.

On the backside of the island(South End), there is a public pier for fishing and crabbing.

Near the Lazaretto Creek boat ramp there is a the Lazaretto fishing pier, offering fishing and crabbing excitement, and some even fish off the floating dock at the boat ramp, though boaters tend to want to moor up where you are fishing.

On the North side of the Lazaretto Creek Bridge there is a rocky, and oyster shelled area that many enjoy fishing and crabbing from as well.

At the entrance to Fort Pulaski there is fishing and crabbing from both the rocks on either side of the bridge and even off of the bridge, though the bridge fishing is recommened only when the bridge is locked down during non-visiting hours to the fort area.

There is also an area that you can fish on Cockspur Island back behind U.S. Coast Guard Station Tybee from the rocks lining the North Savannah River Channel.

[Fishing Pier][Fishing On the Rocks][Lazaretto Fishing Pier][Oyster Bed Fishing]
[Fish Species Caught on Tybee][Fish Species Caught Offshore of Tybee]
[Fishing Licenses]

[Offshore Fishing - Sponsored by, Sundial Charters]

Tybee is an island so, of course, you can fish from the beach. There are a few areas where "surf", "beach" fishing is not allowed and these areas are clearly marked with signs along the beach. No beach on Tybee's shores is considered private beach property, it is ALL PUBLIC, though you should be sure to avoid the dune lines when going to and from the beach.


On the far north and far southern points of the beach there are rock jetties that protrude outward away from the sandy beaches, these are used more commonly by local crabbers, but some fishing is done from them as well.


Tybee Fishing Pier is located on the backside of the island[Take Highway 80 until you reach the 2nd traffic light, turn right on Jones Avenue, follow Jones until you reach the dead-end, take a right, the road to the fishing pier is the first STREET to your left, park, and then walk-up to the pier.] The pier borders on the "Back River, across the river you will see "Little Tybee Island" which is actually larger than Tybee itself. This island can only be reached by boat, or swimming(which we donot recommend) to it, and of course, by air.


Fishing areas not actually on Tybee but very nearby would be the Lazaretto Creek Fishing Pier, and the oyster bed area just the other side of the Lazaretto Creek bridge. Approaching Tybee on Highway 80, approximately 1/2 mile from the entrance to the Ft. Pulaski National Monument, you will see the Lazaretto Creek Boat Ramp on the righthand side of the road. If you take this turn and proceed down the smal palmetto tree lined roadway(which is actually a part of "Old Tybee Road") you will come to a dead-end, once their, park and it is a very short walk down to the pier, which rests on Lazaretto Creek. You'll also get an excellent view of the bridge, and of the shrimp boats docked just across the river from the pier.


The oyster bed mentioned earlier is on the opposite side of the bridge, to reach it , you must walk across highway 80 over to the left edge of the bridge, from there you will see a trail leading through the marsh and down to the oyster bed.

For additional fishing, primarily sport fishing, there are several commercial sport fishing charter services.


Most common fish caught in the area, fishing from Tybee itself:

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Shoal Bass





American Shad

Hickory Shad


Bull Catfish

Channel Catfish

White Catfish


Most common fish caught in the area, off-shore:

Spanish Mackerel

King Mackerel


Red Snapper

Gag Grouper



Black Sea Bass


White Marlin

Blue Marlin


Atlantic Sturgeon

Spotted Sea Trout

Dolphin(the fish, NOT the mammal)

Red Drum


Fresh Water, Salt Water, and some Deep Sea fish require fishing permits/licenses to catch, as well as, catch limits. For information on these guidelines, license pricing and information, contact the local fisheries Law Enforcement branch by phone at:


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